Wearable Vase

Available via special order. The wearable vase is part of a series of ongoing experimentations by (liv)-Labs founder Raymond Olive. These experimentations are geared at blurring the lines between home decor and fashion and stay true to his core mission of celebrating the everyday. At the lab we believe that true beauty exist in simplicity and the most elegant things are often the most humble. The wearable vase encourages the wearer to play host to a single flower, and to cherish it and share it with the world as they carry it with them throughout their daily journeys.

V2V Grand Opening: Experiment 001


Welcome to (liv)-Lab, where we explore the potential of the everyday and share those explorations with you.  We hope that you will find the selected project inspirational.  This design experiment was created specifically for V2V’s grand opening.  It reflects the creative energies and ingenuity that allowed us to see what could be rather than what was, to re-contextualize and to make new of old, giving new life to the otherwise forgotten.  Please link to and showcase your wall vase on Instagram #liv_lab001

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